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Notifications and alert handling in Paessler PRTG

Hi, my name is Paul Amoah, I work for the Presales EMEA team at Paessler, and I'm going to show you what notifications and alerts in Paessler PRTG are for in this article.

The Multi-Platform Probe now supports ARM based devices

A few weeks ago we introduced the new Multi-Platform Probe (early alpha), which allows you to install this probe additionally on non Windows-based platforms like Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS. Since PRTG version 22.1.74, which we released on February 1st, the Multi-Platform Probe now supports ARM based systems with either ARMv7 or AARCH64 architecture. My colleague Sascha also announced this in his article “First steps with the new Paessler PRTG Multi-Platform Probe”. This enables you to deploy your probe on systems like Raspberry Pi, AWS EC2 with Graviton CPU, and NAS systems, for example.

PRTG helped ALYN Hospital complete a major departmental restructuring during the COVID-19 pandemic

ALYN Hospital completed a major departmental restructuring by helping its IT team gain greater visibility of the functionality of its ventilators and life-saving machinery.

Monitor your SLAs with Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor

My name is Henk, and I work in the Presales team at Paessler. I'd like to introduce you to service level agreements (SLA) in general, and how you can monitor them easily with Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor.

Let’s talk about sensors! Monitoring with PRTG Redfish sensors.

In 2021 we introduced 3 Redfish sensors: the Redfish Power Supply sensor, the Redfish System Health sensor, and the Redfish Virtual Disk sensor. Right now, these sensors are in beta state and a part of the experimental features in PRTG.

The Ritz London benefits from clearer IT visibility 24 hours a day

Since you already know how much we love sharing case studies with you, let's get to the point quickly. This time, we show you how The Ritz London benefits from intuitive IT monitoring. PRTG Network Monitor is a powerful and easy-to-use solution, which is suitable for businesses of all sizes. In case you prefer PDFs instead of blogs, we have just the thing for you as well. The linked PDF can be found on this use case page.   The Ritz is a luxury hotel that welcomes a discerning clientele who expect world-class service. The hotel’s IT network is no different. The Ritz London’s in-house IT team consists of six people and there are three members of the IT staff who monitor the IT network constantly. They need to maintain visibility of the health of the hotel’s core network, IT systems, building and cameras 24-hours a day. The IT team found that other solutions they had tried weren’t fulfilling their needs. As Richard Isted, IT Manager, The Ritz London explained: “We were not getting useful reporting from our previous monitoring systems because they were either hard to configure, difficult to maintain or lacked the feature sets to configure the more complex or unusual systems for monitoring.”

How EMPURON uses Paessler PRTG to create a sophisticated energy management system

EMPURON is a German software company that develops innovative technical solutions for renewable energy systems, smart grids and enhanced energy efficiency. EMPURON solutions are relied upon by many customers in Germany and abroad. EMPURON EVE is EMPURON's energy management software solution that can be parameterized for virtually any needs. It includes a powerful process data warehouse, forecasting and predictive analytics, storage optimization and much more.

Watching the watcher: keeping an eye on SCADA systems

When I first started learning about industrial systems and architecture a few years ago, one of the first terms I bumped into was “SCADA” – short for “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition”. There’s a reason for this: SCADA systems are central to just about any OT environment. Because of how important they are to industrial infrastructure, it’s vital that they are up and operating as they should be. Let’s take a look at what SCADA systems do, and how to ensure that they are functioning as expected.

Monitoring your AWS environment with PRTG - Part 2/2

Part 2 | Hands-on guide on how to setup your AWS monitoring in PRTG Nice to have you here again, this time for part 2 of our article series AWS Monitoring with Paessler PRTG. In part 1 I gave you a detailed overview of all AWS sensor types available in Paessler PRTG. With this set of sensors, you can monitor almost any common use case in Amazon Web Services easily.

Let’s talk about sensors! HPE 3PAR Storage Server monitoring.

To avoid negative business impact due to storage problems or failures, all storage components must be monitored around the clock. This means monitoring both hardware and software, as well as availability and performance. Most of the components of modern data storage have their own monitoring system built in. However, it quickly becomes clear that a central monitoring solution is required to maintain a central overview of the entire storage system with all its elements and tools.

A breath of fresh air with PRTG and Enviro

We’ve already written a couple of articles about air quality monitoring and fine dust pollution. In this piece, I’m going to build on that information and explain how, with inexpensive, off-the-shelf* components you can use Paessler PRTG to monitor your atmospheric conditions and be alerted to potentially harmful levels of common pollutants.

How to use Azure AD single sign-on to log in to PRTG

My colleague Sascha recently wrote a blog post about all the cool new features we added to Paessler PRTG monitoring software in 2021. One of the most-anticipated features – based on your requests before we implemented it and your feedback once we added it – was single sign-on (SSO) with Azure Active Directory. What this new functionality does (as you might have already guessed) is let you utilize your Azure AD credentials to sign on to PRTG.

We're creating optimal IoT solutions with new alliances

Due to increasing digitalization, topics such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 have been playing an increasingly important role for a few years now. From the simple measurement of room temperature to building management or highly complex applications and processes in the industrial environment – data must be reliably transmitted, centrally collected, and monitored. This is where we at Paessler come in with our new partnerships with LoRa Alliance® as well as the mioty alliance to strengthen our network of specialists in the IoT world.

Monitoring your AWS environment with PRTG - Part 1/2

Part 1 | The Sensor types Paessler PRTG includes six different sensor types for monitoring your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment.

PRTG v. 22.1.74 comes with 3 beta sensors and security improvements

The first release of PRTG Network Monitor in 2022 is version 22.1.74, and is available in the stable release channel. It includes 3 beta sensors and a major security improvement. Here are the new sensors: Cisco Meraki License Cisco Meraki Network Health FortiGate VPN Overview