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Remote probes are helpful for monitoring with PRTG because they can extend your monitoring.

  • With remote probes, you can monitor different subnetworks that are separated from your PRTG on premises core server by a firewall, and you can keep an eye on remote locations. You can install one or more remote probes.
  • Remote probes are useful if you want to distribute monitoring load by taking it from the system running the PRTG core server and putting it on one or more systems running a remote probe.
  • You need a remote probe if you want to monitor your local network using a PRTG hosted by Paessler instance.
Monitoring Remote Locations via Remote Probes

Monitoring Remote Locations via Remote Probes

For instructions on how to add a remote probe, see the following sections:


Paessler Website: How to connect PRTG through a firewall in 4 steps

Video Tutorial: Distributed Monitoring with PRTG


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