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There are several options for moving objects within the device tree, or for moving objects from one probe or group to another.

Management Tab in Device Tree

While viewing the device tree (or parts of it), click the Management tab to switch to a tree view where you can move monitoring objects in your browser window using drag-and-drop.

icon-book-arrowsFor more information, see section Manage Device Tree.

Device Details View: Arrange Sensors

When you view the Overview tab of a device, you see a list of all sensors on the device.

Arrange Sensors on a Device

Arrange Sensors on a Device

Click the column headers Pos, Sensor, Status, or Priority to sort the sensor list. To change a sensor's position, click the small grip at the beginning of the row, drag it to the position you like, and drop it. Changes take effect immediately.

Context Menu: Move

You can also right-click any object in the device tree to show the context menu. Hover over Move for options to move sensors, devices, or groups up and down, or to move groups or devices into other groups, or onto other probes.

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