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If you want to duplicate an object with the same settings, you can clone it. Cloning is available for groups, devices, and sensors. Unlike the results when using the Create Device Template option, a cloned device contains all objects of the original device, regardless of whether they produce working sensors or not. This often depends on the settings of the cloned device.

The new object takes over all settings of the original object. This means, for example, that an Auto-Discovery starts automatically on a cloned device (as soon as you resume it) if this option is set on the original device.

To start, right-click an object in your device tree, and from the context menu, select Clone to open an assistant.

Clone Dialog for a Sensor

Clone Dialog for a Sensor

icon-i-roundYou cannot clone fixed objects such as the root group, a probe device, or PRTG system-internal sensors.

icon-i-roundIf you want to clone a sensor, a faster way is to use the Manage Device Tree function.

icon-i-round-redThe user account that clones an object must have at least read access to this object and all objects underneath in the hierarchy. The user group of this account must have the permission to create all sensors that run on the device or group that is going to be cloned.

Clone Object Settings

OBJECT To Be Cloned


Several fields show information about the object that you are cloning. The available information varies depending on whether you clone a group, device, or sensor.

Name of New OBJECT

New Object Name

Enter a meaningful name for the new object to identify it later, for example, in the device tree or in lists. By default, PRTG uses the old name with a preceding Clone of.

New IP Address/DNS Name

This field is only available when you clone a device. Enter the IP address or Domain Name System (DNS) name for the new device.

Service URL

This field is only available when you clone a device. Specify a URL you would like to open directly when you select Device Tools | Go To Service URL from the context menu of the device. For example, you can configure this option to call the address http://www.example.com/service.html. Enter a valid URL or leave the field empty.

Parent group/device for new OBJECT

Use the object selector to choose the object that you want to add the object clone to. If you clone a group or device, select a group. If you clone a sensor, select the device that you want to add it to.

icon-i-round-redSave your settings. If you leave the current page, all changes to the settings are lost.


  • If you have cloned a sensor, the Overview tab of the new sensor (the clone) opens.
  • If you have cloned a group or device, you stay on the current page.
  • By default, all sensors are initially paused so you can change settings before monitoring starts. Check the settings of the new objects and resume monitoring.


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