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If you have any questions about license purchases, upgrades, or maintenance extensions, you can directly contact the Paessler Customer Service from the Help and Support Center in the PRTG web interface. We readily assist you with quotes or information about licensing and maintenance, and guide you through the purchasing process. Our Customer Service team is also happy to send you the contact information of a knowledgeable PRTG partner in your region or research any technical specifications you might need beforehand.

icon-i-roundPRTG transmits your feedback or questions securely to Paessler via the PRTG Cloud. Make sure your PRTG server has access to the internet and can reach the URL https://api.prtgcloud.com:443 for successful transmission.

Customer Service Contact Form

Customer Service Contact Form

Ask a Question or Give Us Your Feedback

Provide the following information in this section of the Contact Paessler Customer Service form:

  • Your Name: Enter your full name for contact information.
  • Your Email Address: Enter an email address with which we can reach you.
  • Your Country: Select the country in which you run PRTG so we can provide you with contact information for a partner nearby.
  • Your Phone Number: Enter a phone number with which we can reach you.
  • How can we help? Select the scope of your question.
  • Emotional State: If you want to, you can indicate your current feelings about PRTG and your purchase process.
  • Describe Your Question in One Sentence: Provide a short description that indicates the topic of your request.
  • Do you have any further comments? Enter your comments here. This can be feedback or any questions for our customer service.

Click OK to send your question or feedback to our customer service. Click Cancel to close the customer service contact form without sending it.

icon-i-roundIf you have technical questions regarding your existing PRTG setup, contact our technical support.

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