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With Reports, you can analyze and review monitoring data for specific time spans. There are several ways to create data reports in PRTG for your individual needs.

View Historic Data

To get a report for a single sensor, there is a function included to review historic data in PRTG. It lets you generate reports and charts for a single sensor's data.

icon-book-arrowsSee section Historic Data Reports for more information.

Generate Reports

You can use the sophisticated report machine included in PRTG to create comprehensive and detailed reports for all monitoring data.

icon-book-arrowsSee section Reports for more information.

Export Data Using the API

You can also export all raw monitoring data to .xml or .csv files and generate your own reports using any third-party software.

icon-book-arrowsSee section Application Programming Interface (API) Definition for more information.

Make Data Available

You can make monitoring data available to others using a special user with read-only rights (see the User Access Rights section), or you can create public or semi-public HTML pages with monitoring data using the Maps feature.

icon-book-arrowsSee section Maps for more information.


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