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On right-click, different context menus are available.

Library Node Menu

While on the Overview tab or on the Management tab of a library, right-click any library node to show its context menu.

Library Node Menu

Library Node Menu

  • Select either Details or Edit | Settings to get to the Libraries and Node Settings.
    icon-i-roundWhile on the Overview tab, these settings are also available via left-clicking the node's name.
  • Edit | Rename gives you an option to rename the library node quickly.
  • Delete from Library removes this library node from the current library.
    icon-i-roundThis does not delete any objects in your device tree.
  • The Move | ... options move the library node up and down within the library.
  • Select Send Link by Email to open a new email using your system's standard email client. It contains a direct link to the page you're currently viewing.

Monitoring Objects Menus

Libraries have the same Context Menus available that you already know from the device tree. With one exception: While accessing these menus within libraries, the Move and Delete options are disabled to avoid accidental changes to your device tree.


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