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While viewing the device tree (or parts of it), click the Management tab to enter a different tree view that shows your devices and sensors in a less colorful way. While in this view, you can move monitoring objects using drag-and-drop in your browser window. You can also view and edit object settings by selecting an object. Changes take effect immediately. When done, leave the Management tab.

To arrange objects in the tree, you have the following options:

Move or Clone a Sensor

You can either move a sensor within the same device, or clone a sensor to another device.

  • Within the same device, drag any sensor and drop it on the place where you want it to be. The sensor is moved to this position and existing sensors are lined up after it.
  • Drag any sensor from one device and drop it on another to clone a sensor. This creates the same sensor, with the same settings, on the new device, while maintaining the original sensor.
    icon-i-roundCloned sensors initially show a Paused status to give you the chance to change any settings before monitoring begins. Check the settings and resume monitoring.

icon-i-roundYou cannot clone fixed objects such as the root group, a probe device, or PRTG system-internal sensors.

icon-i-roundTo clone entire groups or devices, use the Clone Object functionality in the objects' context menu.

Move a Group or Device

You can change a group's or device's position by using drag-and-drop.

  • Within the same probe or group, drag any group or device and move it up or down in the device tree. A small red arrow appears, showing the future position. When dropping, the group or device is moved to this position and existing probes, groups, and devices are lined up underneath.
  • Drag any group or device from one probe or group and drop it on another probe or group. A small red arrow appears, showing the future position. When dropping, the group or device is moved to the new probe or group. Existing groups and devices are lined up underneath. This way, you can change the probe a group or device is part of, or to add groups or devices to other groups.

icon-i-roundYou cannot move the Local Probe, Hosted Probe and Remote Probes.

Multi-Edit Object Properties

You can use multi-edit for object settings:

  • Hold down the Ctrl key and select multiple groups, devices, or sensors (one of a kind).
  • In the appearing dialog, select the settings that you want to edit, change the respective values, and click Save. The changes are applied to all selected objects.

The dialog is the same as described in the Multi-Edit section.

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