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If you use PRTG on premises outside your internal LAN, in particular when using it on the internet, you should switch the internal web server to using SSL. After doing so, your browser shows a certificate warning because PRTG comes with a self-signed certificate. Anyway, the connection to your PRTG web server is secured via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and you can confirm the claimed security risk.

Every browser shows a slightly different certificate warning. The necessary steps are similar for every browser, with a few small differences:

You can avoid these browser warnings by using your own trusted SSL certificate with PRTG. For this purpose, we provide the freeware tool PRTG Certificate Importer.

Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, click Advanced, then Proceed to [yourPRTGserver] (unsafe) every time you call the PRTG web interface.

SSL Warning in Chrome

SSL Warning in Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox, click Advanced, then click the Accept the Risk and Continue button.

SSL Warning in Firefox

SSL Warning in Firefox

You only have to go through this procedure once for every Firefox browser and PRTG core server.

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, click Go on to the webpage (not recommended) every time you call the web interface.

SSL Warning in IE

SSL Warning in IE


For other, not officially supported browsers, the procedure is similar.


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